About Us

Nina Kimbrough, Owner

Nina Kimbrough purchased Dance America Productions in the beginning of 2020, and is now the proud owner of this superb company. Nina is a ballroom and ballet dancer. She loves the world of dance and the business that helps support dancers. A former engineer and Calculus teacher, Nina has found her calling as a dancer. The combination of movement and music absolutely delights her. She loves creating a space for dancers.   Empty room + dance floor + lighting + music = MAGIC!

Professionally Nina holds advanced degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and business. She worked in the electric utility and marketing research industries, and just prior to dance was a high school mathematics teacher for nearly a decade.



Jeremy Ortiz, Production

Jeremy Ortiz is our go-to person for production services. Our primary road warrior, Jeremy is, for many clients, the face of Dance America Productions. He is our on-site resource for many events. One of the original Dance America Productions staff, he brings years of experience to every job.



Team Dance America Productions

There are many production professionals who comprise Team Dance America Productions. We have core crews who work for us year after year, job after job. This creates consistency  and a smooth-running team approach. .

Our network of production professionals and crews runs throughout our service area, from Pennsylvania to Ohio and Illinois, Maryland and Virginia, Kansas to Oklahoma and Texas, Louisiana to Alabama, Tennessee to Georgia and North Carolina, and throughout all of Florida's major markets.

Thanks to Skyla,  Morgan, Billy, Ronald, Britton, Matt, Brandon, Alex, Chris, Karla, Florida Mikey, Mikey J, Adam, Robby, Ricky P, Catalina, and others . Let us know if you are interested in joining our team. 

We will always be grateful for the legacy left by our friend Federico Lorente, a visionary, mentor, advisor, and friend.